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At Attitude Pie, we "bake" fun, comfy, and conversational clothing with personality! With fashionable styles, colors, and crystal embellishments, Attitude Pie has become a major upscale boutique brand throughout the country for infants, toddlers, teens and adults.

"The Bakers"
Peggy & Irene

Hi! We are Peggy and Irene, the proud creators of Attitude Pie. Living in South Florida, we "bake" non-stop, and somehow find the time to raise 2 husbands, 6 kids and 4 dogs! Our adventure began in the fall of 2004, when we wrote quote books filled with humorous sayings. After publishing "Menopause Moments," "Attitude", "Diet Schmiet", and "From the Heart" quote books, we became known around town as the "Quote Queens". Just for fun, we silk-screened a few of those clever sayings, such as "My Other Mood Likes You", on to adult tanks. Realizing that many of our menopausal moments were similar to a child's mood swing, we were encouraged to put quotes on youth tanks.
In June 2005, a local Fort Lauderdale children's boutique showcased our unique tank designs and within one week the entire collection flew out the door. We then knew we were onto something special. This led to Attitude Pie creating fashionable outfits for ages 3 - 6 months to size 7/8, in addition to already designing a successful specialty tank/tee/onesie line for girls, boys, and adults.

By March 2006, we added more South Florida boutiques and when Attitude Pie went national in August 2006, we quickly spread throughout the country. From our whirlwind beginning, the company has quickly grown to over 600 stores worldwide. We attribute Attitude Pie's rapid growth, strong customer loyalty, and positive industry reviews to our motto "Kid's Clothing with Personality", and to superb customer service.  Attitude Pie is known for its top quality and unique,beautiful designsStore owners rave that it is a 'must-have' line which never hits the clearance rack!
In 2011 we added our fun children's storybooks to the Attitude Pie line. They are whimsical stories in rhyme, and sure to become your child's favorite!
Today Is My Birthday And I Have Nothing To Wear!
Sean Michael K Whistles The Wrong Way!
Designing Lifelong Friends
Peggy and I have been friends for over 18 years and have been laughing our way through one of the best friendships two only children could ever have! Our first laugh came when we were introduced by the principal of our children's pre-school, who thought we looked like sisters. Bewildered, we stared at each other for a moment and wondered what similarities this lady saw. Peggy has blonde hair, green eyes, and is short. I have brown hair, brown eyes, and am tall. Oddly enough, through the years we have been told that we look like sisters a thousand times. So, now we just say yes! Our incredible friendship has been tremendous fun and has brought the Attitude Pie line to its creative success.

The Magic Mirror
Design inspirations usually come to us in the wee hours of the night when all is quiet. We go into "The Bakery" (our design studio) and begin our ritual using the "Magic Mirror" given to me as a teenager by my mother. All designs go before the magic mirror for 'approval'. When we like what we see in the mirror, it officially becomes a "slice of Attitude Pie". Together, Irene and I have found that laughter is the best way to handle all aspects of our business. We feel that it provides a comfortable working atmosphere and builds a family-style relationship with our employees and stores. I believe the magic of Attitude Pie comes from the special bond Irene and I have together.
The fun is always creating new designs for our fashion lines and t-shirts. Attitude Pie continually "dishes" whimsical playwear through our national sales reps, trade shows, and online catalog. We believe that every customer who tries a "slice of Attitude Pie" will always come back for seconds!

We love what we do and look forward to many more years of creating beautiful clothing and writing fun storybooks for your children!

Peg and Irene
"The Bakers"
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